“Mike cares deeply about my health and always goes beyond what is expected to make sure that I have the big picture about how to care for my body.  He has taught me about the importance of exercise and has even met me at my gym to make sure I am using the conditioning machines there correctly."

Mary Cayan


Diagnostic Test

Did you have a trauma that started your pain?

2.      Did your pain come on out of the clear blue?

3.      Has your pain problem been treated by an MD, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or Massage therapist and it never goes away?

4.      Does this issue restrict you in your ability to do normal daily activities and/or exercise comfortably?

5.      Does your pain problem get worse as the day progresses?

6.      Do you feel that you are losing flexibility and feeling older than you should?

7.      Does exercise make it worse or unchanged?

8.      Have you had this problem and been told that you “just have to live with it”?

9.      Have you been treated in a way that goes with the body in a pain free manner?

10.  Does this pain issue get worse with stretching or stretching doesn’t impact the problem?

11.   Do you know how to take care of it in a way that makes it better?

12.   Do you have the desire to get better and nobody seems to listen and “hear” your problem?

13.   Is your practitioner passionate about helping you get better and treating you as an equal partner?

14.   Is there a dedicated hour set aside just for you without interruptions?

15.  Does your practitioner help you focus on what is getting better and inspire you?

16.  Are you trying the same old treatments, medications, and it still doesn’t work?

17.  Do you trust your practitioner that they have your best interest in mind?

18.   Have you had a treatment that positions your body in a pain-free way so that the body can correct itself?



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