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Several pediatric specialists could not determine our 10 year old son’s physical problems. We were told he probably would not be able to play sports. After a few treatments with Mike, he could not only play, but eventually participated in varsity soccer, lacrosse, and Nordic skiing. "

Stephen Boruff

My name is Mike Fricke and my passion is helping people recover freedom — their freedom of movement and the gratitude of having a pain free, fully functioning body! Call me at 612-282-9065 if interested in scheduling an appointment!

Movement is life! I love to help bodies feel their best so they can fully enjoy being alive on this earth. When you feel good, you contribute to the heart of your family, friends and the world! And you can be a positive difference maker!


­If you’re recovering from injury or surgery—

If you’re having trouble getting your body moving the way you want it to or the way it once did—

If  you feel a loss of energy because movement is an effort—

—let’s talk. I’m a physical therapist with 39 years of experience who’s seen some 35,000 clients, but I’m definitely not your garden-variety PT guy.

If you associate physical therapy with a set of painful exercises that you execute with teeth gritted and a “no pain, no gain” attitude, then working with me will surprise and delight you.

The techniques I use, rooted in methods worked out by famed osteopath Lawrence Jones, DO, and Brian Tuckey, PT, are so gentle and relaxing that you may find yourself almost falling asleep as the session ends. And as my clients can testify, the relief you’ll get from pain and stiffness is practically immediate. For reviews of my successes you can go to my genbooks scheduler and click on "reviews".

A big part of the relaxation you’ll feel as we work together has to do with my attitude and experience. I have a grounded, calming presence and when you tell me what’s wrong I really listen. I listen and hear not only to understand your main problems, but to catch hints and clues about your body, your lifestyle, and your feelings. This helps me treat not just the pain but the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

A Typical Session With Me

You’ve sprained your ankle, strained your muscles in an auto accident, “twisted something” while bending to pick up an object or get out of a car. You’re suffering pain from long hours of sitting, or you chronically hold tension in your neck, upper back, and shoulders. As a result of these kinds of conditions and injuries, abnormal tension or cramps form in the muscle as a reflex, and joints are pulled out of alignment. It hurts, and your movement is restricted.

I listen carefully as you explain what brought you to me.

I take a medical history.

I evaluate your standing posture.

I watch you walk, so I can see how your body moves and where its movement appears restricted.

I carefully touch areas on the body that may be tight or tender, and thus need to be treated.

For each area I want to treat, I gently move the body in a certain way and/or put it in a certain position. This may involve bending the neck forward and rotating it slightly left and right; or raising an arm and bringing it across the body; or asking you to lie on your back and raise your knees toward your chest, with a slight rotation of the trunk to the right or left. There are many other motions, depending on what you need.

This therapy essentially relaxes your muscles; this relaxation tells your brain to send nerve impulses back to the muscles that make them relax further. In this way painful muscle spasms are “disarmed” and you return to pain-free function.

Once you feel the freedom of your relaxed muscles, we gently transition into Pilates-based exercises—pain-free!—to build muscle integrity and strength.


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